"I'm signing all my scarves using a soldering iron...neat and easy."

"My silk drawing and poem...'Best in Show' and did it all with wax tissue and a soldering iron."

"I just wanted to say thank you....the silk traveled home in my packet and is a great reminder of the wonders our family witnessed on the Big Island."

"I'll never forget the sight of someone 'cooking paintings in a steam vent'.....Please send photo's of your artwork for purchase."

"Thank you for sharing, I often go for a walk with my cookie sheet, thickened dye and a brush....."

"It took 'East Rift Zone' to finally replace a 15+ year old picture hanging in my living room to stop living in the past..."

"....thought I should have my head examined for purchasing another piece of art but wanted you to know that "Lava Beach" is truly unique and has inspired me to change and try new things...."

"Best hike ever and nice to meet you, never really thought about how the smallest of activities can make a difference."

"....you should charge more...."

"Hawaii is such a special place and our silk picture is a reminder everyday that we want to return at the first opportunity to that very spot...."

"I think island fever is contagious, pls send photos....."