Brian Toll Caricature

When I first had the opportunity to own a place in Hawaii, I began showing and selling my sci-fi serigraphs inspired by the volcanic landscapes and "other worlds" characteristics of this volcanic island paradise.

4 Mile Hilo Kilauea Mauna Kea Hawaii

One day while screen printing ZFS (zinc formaldehyde sulfoxylate... standard stuff for removing color and printing on black cotton T-shirts), I decided it was time to try something safer and ecofriendly. I went back to my "roots" to rediscover techniques and challenge myself to find new and more environmentally friendly methods to express myself. I realized we are not Islands, everything we do is connected and effects others.

Batik Banana Leaves Moon Lit Surf Hot Point Ginger New Lava Flow Four Mile Beach Lava Viewing Lavascape

These "dry transfer" monotypes and "hotpoint" wax paper batiks are interpretive island images that just need to be stated using eco-friendly and safe practices. No tjantings, wax melting pots or harmful chemicals are used. Geothermal energy produces the power to steam fix the dyes and make them permanent on the silk.